10 Techniques for writing easy yet stupidly thorough unit tests


Friday, May 19th, 13:00

More and more, the testing mantra is becoming standard and the upsides are becoming clearer from simply being “best practice” to very real benefits in debugging, verifying requirements and deployment. However, getting started can be daunting.

Moving from the shallow end to the “medium depth” testing and using techniques such as mocking can be very confusing and trying to figure out how to test and debug things like queries, external api calls and dependency injection can seem impossible.

This session will move from “simple” to complicated starting with a straightforward “something in, something out” test of a function to testing what is being sent to APIs, testing endpoints and validation and so on. Many of the examples will use Coldbox but many if not most of the techniques can be used on non-Coldbox applications.




Testing TestBox