ChatGPT Box! AI All The Things!


Thursday, May 18th, 16:10

Everyone has been hearing about Machine learning and AI for a while now, but recently, it exploded.

Like you, Ortus and the CFML Community have been playing with AI too, and one of the end results is ChatGPT Box.

AI is cool, and for some people scary, but a lot of people wonder if there is really any true value for us developers, or our businesses. In this session we’ll discuss what ChatGPT Box is, why we created it, what types of problems it solves, why we are using AI to solve those problems, and how we trained and tamed our own AI.

We will also touch on some of the science behind the scenes, to help you understand the moving parts, and how ChatGPT Box v1.0.0 is just a drop in the ocean of the possibilities, we’ll touch on some ideas we have, and in the end, using ChatGPT Box can make you a much more productive Ortusian Developer!