ContentBox Headless CMS in 100 minutes


Thursday, May 18th, 10:00

In this hands-on session, you will be introduced to ContentBox, but we will focus on its headless capability. First, we will get acquainted with the CMS by exploring and interacting with the admin, to create content and configure security settings. This content will later be accessed via the ContentBox API module. You will learn how this can power your applications. As a final task, we will create a simple non-ContentBox app, which will consume the content from our headless application.


Hardware and software requirements:

  • A computer that is modern with plenty of FREE RAM (at least 4 GB) and with a modern processor (at least an i5).
  • A package manager for CFML (CommandBox) and Javascript (Node and NPM).
  • A code editor (VS Code or your choice of IDE).
  • Docker to run MySql 8 Container with our Docker Compose file. The docker file will be provided.
  • MySQL client to connect to your database.
  • Postman to inspect API.


Intended Audience

Basic knowledge of API concepts, HTML and Javascript.


What skills you'll learn?

  • Create content that can be exposed for API consumption.
  • Configure Permissions and Roles in ContentBox.
  • Consume content from a headless CMS, to power the front end of an application.


Topics we will be covering:

  • ContentBox Admin setup
  • Content Creation
  • ContentBox as a Headless CMS
  • API security
  • API endpoints
  • API consumption




ContentBox API