Extend your ContentBox Apps with custom modules and build dynamic pages


Thursday, May 18th, 15:00

In this session, you will learn how to extend and customize a ContentBox application. Get a deep understanding of leveraging custom modules and dynamic pages to create highly customized and engaging ContentBox apps.

Sometimes there are things that we need to customize to fill our business needs, and ContentBox allows you to create custom modules to take care of those special needs.


Intended Audience

Intermediate CFML knowledge


What skills you'll learn?

  • How to create custom ContentBox modules
  • How to create menu options
  • How to set up roles and permissions for the custom modules
  • How to interact with the Content Store items within your custom module
  • Ideas to build beautiful pages dynamically
  • Create new endpoints with custom responses


Topics we will be covering:

  • Building ContentBox modules
  • Permissions, roles, and permission groups for custom modules
  • Menu options and submenus
  • Custom endpoints