Full Stack - Build, Deploy, Log, and Monitor Your Web Applications

Cloud services can reduce cumbersome tasks and simplify your life, but they can also add complexity in transitioning infrastructure. This workshop takes a deep dive in to a full dev ops workflow for your applications using two cloud infrastructure separate infrastructure platforms. Topics include CI/CD containerization, automated deployment and scaling, performance monitoring, and error tracking.

  • Secure, automated builds using continuous integration and delivery. We demonstrate workflows with three different repo providers - GitHub, Bitbucket, and AWS Code Deploy.
  • Containerizing applications for security and scalability. We will demonstrate how to package and build containers for multiple tiers including deployment, scaling on demand, distributed caching, and rollbacks.
  • Monitoring applications and resource performance using the Elastic APM
  • Capturing log data and tracking errors from containers and CommandBox services using the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibanba ) stack, Filebeat and Stachebox
  • Networking considerations and firewall configuration to minimize threat vectors to your infrastructure



Experienced developers or information technology manager who wish to understand containerization, deployments, and monitoring in the cloud



By the end of this workshop, users will have an understanding, including hands-on training, of how to successfully build, secure, configure, deploy and monitor CFML applications in the cloud


The following are the workshop requirements for this workshop:


  • A laptop computer with suitable resources and the following packages installed
    • Docker
    • Java 11-15
    • CommandBox
    • NodeJS 16+
    • Apple M1-2 users will need Rosetta2 installed
  • A GitHub account to create packages and test CI/CD actions
  • An account with with a cloud provider - either AWS or Digital Ocean to practice infrastructure provisioning and application deployment


Schedule / Outline

  1. Introduction and 30,000 foot overview
  2. Creating and modifying applications for cloud deployments
  3. Containerizing CFML applications
  4. Continuous Integration and Deployment
  5. Intro to Elastic APM and Filebeat
  6. Provisioning Cloud infrastructure
  7. Scaling and Rolling back Cloud applications
  8. Hands-On! Build and deploy a sample app using Github Actions and a cloud provider




Showcasing Logstash CommandBox Containers Docker