Reactive Front-Ends with CFML, CBWIRE, and AlpineJS

In this hands-on, code-driven workshop, Grant Copley and Alan Quinlan will walk you through building a modern web application from scratch using CFML and the powerful ColdBox module CBWIRE. This workshop focuses on CBWIRE’s HTML-over-the-wire technology and showcases how using the module can greatly enhance your productivity as a developer and simplify your web applications. Once you have completed the workshop, you will build reactive, modern web apps using less JavaScript without creating unnecessary server-side APIs in record time.



The following are the workshop requirements for this workshop:

  • CommandBox latest installed
  • VSCode Editor (Preferred)
  • Knowledge or experience with CFML Components (CFCs)


Schedule / Outline

  • Good Morning
    • Introduction, HTML-over-the-wire
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Wires
      • Components ( CFCs ), Templates, Data Properties
      • Actions
      • Computed Properties
    • Creating a reactive form
      • Data Binding
      • Implement validation with cbValidation
  • Break
    • Template Directives
    • Loading States
    • Lifecycle Methods
    • Continue enhancing form
  • Lunch
    • Interacting with Wires from JavaScript
    • Debugging XHR requests
    • Events and Listeners
  • Break
    • AlpineJS
      • Crash Course
      • When to use CBWIRE vs AlpineJS
      • Entangling Data Properties
  • Bonus / Additional Time
    • Adding Turbo for single-page applications
    • Polling / pre-fetching
    • Defer loading



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