TestBox: Getting started with BDD-TDD Oh My!


This course will enhance your application toolbox and development skills: Understand the theory and principles behind software testing. Understand all types of testing and know when to apply them. Review tools of the trade. Implement TDD, BDD and CI (Continuous Integration). Everything you wanted to know about the TestBox Framework.



The following are the requirements for this workshop:

  • CommandBox installed (the latest version is preferred)
  • VSCode Editor (Preferred)
  • Knowledge or experience with CFML



  • Unit 1 - Theory
    • Introduction and basics
  • Unit 2 - TestBox
    • Intro to TestBox and Runners
    • xUnit
    • BDD Testing, skipping, groups, and async
    • Advanced Topics and Automation (Custom Assertions, Matchers, Reporters, etc.)
  • Unit 3 - Mocking
    • Theory and Definitions
    • MockBox
  • Unit 4 - ColdBox Testing
    • Model, Interceptor, and Handler tests
    • Integration Tests
  • Bonus Exercises











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